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Wriggle Training provides training courses for businesses of all sizes who are looking to educate staff on the ever important topic of digital marketing, digital marketing management, and cyber security. The world now revolves around buying products and researching services on the move, technology the internet and apps make this possible. At Wriggle Training we believe it is essential that employers bridge the knowledge gap, allowing their staff to correctly direct third-party suppliers whilst also being able to interpret the results provided by them. It is also imperative to make each team member aware of best security practices to protect both the interest of the business and them personally from a cyber attack or personal identity theft.

It became clear to all of the staff within Wriggle that great efficiencies could be made for both businesses and marketing agency if their staff are given a sound knowledge of SEO, Google Adwords, & Coding. There are different efficiencies which can be gained across all of these disciplines and it is amazing how many businesses who have internal marketing resources do not have knowledge of how to use sips marketing applications and this is where Wriggle Training want to help.

There are various aspects to SEO; onsite, offsite, technical, contenting writing and link building and each of these cannot be done by one person which is why businesses get much better results when SEO is outsourced to an agency who have resources for each different element. Agencies usually decide upon keywords and then implement a strategy and follow the strategy for 6-12 months.


Would not be beneficial for your staff to have a 100% understanding of why the keywords were chosen and why the chosen strategy has been adopted but, also for them to have the knowledge to interpret the results in detail allowing them to assist the agency more efficiently and also challenge where appropriate.

Like SEO Google Adwords is best placed within an agency but it is imperative your employees are able to understand the results. Understanding the results will allow your staff to work more effectively with your chosen agency. Monthly meetings will become more productive an you team will be able to probe as to why specific decisions and strategies.

It is essential that someone within your business can analyse what your customers are doing on your website. Spending one hour per week looking at how your customers are moving around the website, what aspects they are engaging with and analysing at what point they leave or drop out of the sales funnel. By analysing and making small improvements across the site each week can double conversion rates, which can have a huge effect on enquiries and revenue.

This is not an arduous task many businesses can spend as little as little as one hour and see huge improvements.

Cyber Security

Cyber is becoming an increasingly discussed topic but also a topic which is applicable to every business no matter how small. Wriggle Training provides courses to employees educating them on best practices and how to keep the businesses information secure this includes network security when out of the office and email security when sending sensitive data.


Wriggle Training also provides business with full Cyber Security audits via our sister company Wriggle Security.

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