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Social media for any business no matter what size is essential and sadly for smaller businesses it is one aspect that usually get neglected. The platform(s) which your business utilises will very much dependent on what industry you operate in. Wriggle Training provide Social media training and within this we will train your staff how to effectively manage a social media campaign on a bi-weekly and or monthly basis.

Our social media course aims to provide essential knowledge of scheduling tools and the reporting tools within and we recommend Sprout Social as the reporting is in-depth and provides great insight into your audience demographics but also the platform communicates with all social platforms inclusive of LinkedIn & Instagram which will help save time. In addition to this we will teach you how best to engage with your users, how to harvest their data so you can feed this into other marketing mediums such as a email campaign, how to generate followers organically, how to boost effectively boost your post along with the fundamentals of the different social media platforms and how to monetize the efforts so you can see a return.

Course Contents


Introduction to Social Media


  • Why it is social media important and how it can benefit you and your business
  • How Social Media integrates into your other marketing activities
  • Referral Marketing and how it fits with social media
  • What sorts of companies are using and benefitting from social media
  • Is social media really free?



Practical Planning


  • The basics of setting a strategy and a plan, and why it is so important
  • Understanding why you want to use social media
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Understanding who your audience are
  • Content Planning and why it is important
  • Understanding the different platforms and who hangs out where
  • How are you going to know if you are achieving your objectives



Doing your research


  • How you find out where your audience are and when
  • The demographics of different platforms
  • How to get in front of them
  • How to find out what they really want



Introduction to Facebook


  • Why Facebook is not just for kids
  • What should you use? Facebook Page / Group / Profile?
  • How to brand your Facebook page
  • How to grow your audience
  • What is Facebook advertising?
  • What are Facebook promotions?



Introduction to LinkedIn


  • Why your LinkedIn profile is so important
  • How to Google Optimise your LinkedIn profile
  • How to set up a Company Page
  • How to grow your network in 3 easy steps
  • How to stay in your with your network
  • How to find your target audience with LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Pay per click



Introduction to Twitter


  • What is Twitter all about?
  • Why is it so powerful
  • Overview of the Twitter language
  • How to brand your Twitter profile
  • Ways to naturally grow your following



Content Planning


  • The 80/20 rule value vs selling
  • How you get started
  • How to find great content
  • Getting the balance between having personality and being personal



Review and conclusion


  • Next Steps
  • Key actions to take away and put into place

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