Analytical Data

Analytical Data Training


It is important for any digital marketer or marketing manager to have an understanding of analytical data systems such as Google Analytics and SessionCam (our chosen session replay software).


Would it not be great for your marketing team to assess users and how they interact with each page, where they leave the website, why they are leaving the website, look at which device type is converting and then make amends to the device type is not.


Furthermore would it not be invaluable to track where their mouse goes on the page? Or, where the user is touching on the screen of their phone to asses? This will give you the insight to see if your call to actions is in the right place and if your page is setup correctly to enhance conversions? It is possible to do all of this with ease. Along with analytics, we use SessionCam and this provides insights into exactly what your users are doing and how they are flowing through your website but more importantly what they are missing.


Our tailored courses in Analytical data give your staff an in-depth and detailed understanding of how Google analytics works going each individual section of the dashboard showing how to interpret the data effectively and then how to act upon it. Also, the training highlights how valuable replay software such as SessionCam can be.

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