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SEO at times can be referred to as a ‘dark art’ but this is not the case. Whilst in our opinion SEO is best placed with an agency who have the specialised resource from a content, onsite, offsite and technical perspective we still believe in bridging the knowledge gap so when working with third parties your staff have a sound understanding and knowledge base. Our courses provide confidence and gives your team the tools and knowledge to evaluate their strategies placed infront of them and also allow them to evaluate the monthly report which will be presented to the business in more detail.


Any person who is instructing an agency to optimise their site should have a sound understanding of the fundamentals and this is what we are able to provide though our our day course.

Course Contents


How search engines work


  • Introduction
  • Search engine aims and objectives
  • Search engine needs and requirements
  • Match site objects to SE requirements
  • How search engines discover new pages
  • How search engine robots gather data
  • Obstacles to robot data gathering
  • How search engines analyse page content
  • How search engines evaluate keyword places
  • How search engines gather user interests
  • How search engines analyse user interests
  • Evaluating matches before rank
  • Negative page ranking criteria
  • Positive page ranking criteria
  • How search engines evaluate link sources
  • How search engines evaluate link content



Myths, errors, misconceptions


  • The homepage is the first page
  • Meta tags increase search engine position
  • Inbound links good; outbound bad
  • Wrong site objects/priorities
  • Obstructing search engine robots
  • Obstructing search engine content analysis
  • Checklist search engine optimisation
  • Search engines rank sites
  • Search engines rank pages
  • Pages are ranked by keyword
  • Conclusion: content is king



Improving competitive position


  • Introduction
  • Priority: show-stoppers & low hanging fruit
  • Acquire and deploy skills
  • Acquire and deploy tools
  • Generate enough good content
  • Focus content
  • Focus links and site structure
  • Present content better via mark-up
  • Present content better via writing style
  • Collect & use performance data
  • Experiment and test
  • Target and prioritise link providers
  • Improve link quality

Concluding comments

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